Colours Of Another Sky is the latest album by pianist Marios Takoushis and bassist Gabriel Karapatakis.


Following their album Seven Miles East, this new project aims to develop their music based on the fundamentals of contemporary European jazz - individual self-expression, interaction and improvisation. At the same time, their source of inspiration for fresh ideas and compositions comes from the Mediterranean culture and tradition and from the use of traditional ethnic instruments. New dynamics are created by the co-existence of the piano, fretless bass with the sax, the lyra with the drums.


Marios and Gabriel interact throughout the recording and move their music forward with shifting harmonies and musical honesty.


Marios Takoushis / Piano, Melodica, Vocals

Gabriel Karapatakis / Fretless Bass, Ac. Piccolo Bass, Vocals

Zacharias Spyridakis / Cretan Lyra, Vocals

David Lynch / Tenor & Soprano Saxophone

Stelios Xydias / Drums

Michalis Kouloumis / Violin


Guillaume Janssen - SpeLLBINDING Music

"A thing of serene beauty - Colours of Another Sky.

Introduced by an almost Modern-Classical theme on the piano (M. Takoushis), the title track of the album encapsulates the unique sound of the project with the Cretan lyra (Z.Spyridakis, currently performing with Jordi Savall) coming in halfway into the song and initiating a gorgeous dialogue with piano and G. Karapatakis' fretless bass, before concluding the theme in unison with the piano."

All About Jazz

"[Seven Miles East] - Terrific album, replete with world jazz exoticism and modern jazz improvisation. Fans of the ECM label should definitely be spending some time listening to this album, though it's worth mentioning that this album keeps to jazz territory far more often than many of ECM's albums. Just a beautiful track from a great album. Very excited to be featuring a track, here, on AllAboutJazz."

Dave Sumner -

"[Seven Miles East]...A beautiful recording that would put many of the world jazz albums released on ECM to shame. Lyrical, poignant, and textured music. A little bite here and there to keep things dangerous, but mostly tunes more likely to make the listener swoon. Oh so pretty. Find of the Week."